Üdvözlünk a szintfelmérő teszteden! Sok sikert!

Kérjük, hogy töltsd ki az adatlapot.


1. What can we expect of a day _____ begins with getting up at 6 o’clock in the morning?

2. „Why are you switching on the TV?” „I _____ a film.”

3. There’s been a lot of heated discussion on this issue recently, _____?

4. There’s something bad with this beautiful plant. I’ve even tried _____ it some fertiliser, but it’s still in very bad shape.

5. If I _____ any further information, I _____ it to you immediately.

6. All animals are equal, but some of them are _____ others.

7. My husband suggested _____ to the playground.

8. „I love Hungarian soap operas.” „_____”

9. So you’re here again. How was your_____?

10. This is the coldest winter. We _____ heat our house since the end of October.

11. Unless you _____ being so strict to her, she’ll leave you here on a day.

12. Switzerland is famous _____ its mountains and lakes.

13. _____ was at 3.30. am_____ my daughter woke me up at night.

14. _____ is a sexually transmitted disease and there is a 100% death rate.

15. I _____ a relaxing summer holiday since I _____ up my business several years ago.

16. If only I _____ speak to girls as easily as you!

17. You are supposed to arrive at the airport at least two hours before your plane takes _____.

18. I _____ my husband to lend me his car to take for the trip int he country.

19. The concert costs a fortune and on top of everything else, we _____ most of the night.

20. An idea isn’t responsible _____ those followers, who believe in it.

21. Exactly, the test wasn’t quite _____ I’d thought.

22. _____ the best mime between two people.

23. _____ ourselves to death is the only socially acceptable form of suicide.

24. When Ayrton Senna was at my age, he _____ for 3 years.

25. ’Our telephone is _____, this is nobody speaking.

26. The results of the vote haven’t announced yet, but at least 70 percent of the voters_____ for Hungary joining to introduce Euro in Hungary.

27. There’s nothing I hate more _____ housework at the weekend.

28. _____ stealing is an incredible serious problem in Hungary, _____ thieves steal something in every hour in our country.

29. I simply can’t believe you further. You _____ lies.

30. _____ I write my name here on this line?

31. Is there any chance….

32. This blouse is beautiful, but I’ll have to find a nice pair of trousers_____.

33. If everything goes well, I _____ this book by the end of this semester.

34. You _____ have seen me with anybody in the cinema, I wasn’t even in the country this weekend.

35. Is it any possibilty _____ more money in this project? It seems hopeless.

36. I have a regret for myself in life _____ I am not anybody else.

37. _____ have any problem, don’t hesitate to call me immediately.

38. It wasn’t clear enough how_____ to solve this situation.

39. He offered me to take me home, _____ I exactly accepted.

40. I’d rather you _____ me your love strories. There’s no truth in them, I know.

41. Students in Hungary have to cheat a lot _____ any chance to pass the exams.

42. Does your sister want to return to _____ after having her baby born?

43. I’ve been fined three times this week _____ going too fast on the road.

44. Although my leg hurt terribly, I _____ go into the shop next to me to ask for help

45. Everything _____ has any fun in it is either immoral, illegal or fattening for us.

46. _____ young children are mad about _____ playing football.

47. I wish I _____ a well-paid job. I hate this low salary.

48. I was interested whether you could _____ me a favour.

49. I don’t like _____ you at the weekends, but it was extremely urgent for me.

50. I hope that this day is not the _____ of my life.